Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revolutionary Notes #1 - An Open Letter

From Frobenius:

I am not firmly convinced that a revolution is coming, or for that matter that there is any kind of trend towards growing awareness or even discontent.

Our system is one with a built in pressure valve, and like any successful social system succeeds because of the majority who have something invested in seeing it continue to be perpetuated.

When I speak of a pressure valve I am referring to periodic elections, which, by design or not, are a system of minimal renewal whereby a low-resistance path is provided for people to have an outlet for their discontent. If I am not happy, and am not sure why or what to do about it, a ready answer is there in an election I can participate in, observe, or simply complain about after the fact.

And keep in mind 20-30% is a majority in a fractured society.

The stake that is put into this system? The long hours at university, the things sacrificed for that first down payment on a car or a house. The time spent envying another's possessions, or arguments spent convincing or being convinced to being on the right side of taste or common sense. All the energy expended caring in order to succeed at some job, or the real feeling of reward at seeing paychecks come in.

Who could face all that having meant nothing? Not when there is an easier route to take.

All of this creates a state of existence where even those who can point to things they would change - the politicians - the top 1% - would do so only to see all else remain the same, or merely improve along the existing scale.

Not possible.

Society is far too interconnected to pick and choose which pieces to keep or remove, not where there is something that is fundamentally wrong.

To overcome this sodden inertia is the real barrier to revolution.

If it is you who would wish to see a new world, then to you I would say find a way to bring things to a state where the easiest thing to do is for the average person to embrace anarchy. Feed the corruption, protect the hoarders, make all of those who you'd wish to see gone so proud and so safe that they couldn't help but flaunt it. Make them secure enough to do the things they wish for now, but wouldn't dare. Raise the pitch until there is no choice but find some way to turn it off.

Transcribed by Ans Wallonia

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