Thursday, December 29, 2011

Illuminati & Religion

In a report on Illuminati and religion, the website Above Top Secret claims that a top priority on the Illuminati agenda is destroying people's belief in god.

The reason, they say, is that knowing the truth (the Christian God by their definition) makes it more likely that someone will be able to be aware of the true agenda and goals of this mysterious organization. What that agenda is, they fail to elaborate on.

For the moment I will suspend my own opinions, and instead call on anyone reading this to provide examples of  how a belief in religion correlating to a reduction in ignorance.

Ultimately it is difficult to accept a website's claim of denying ignorance while at the same time advocating blind faith in any kind of archaic text where the last 'evidence' supporting its claims is lost in the mists of history.

The full text by DumbTopSecretWriters; a member of can be found at the link below.

 The Illuminati Agenda : Religion

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Misleading Resources - UK UFO Archives Released

Earlier this year the UK Ministry of Defense released over 9000 pages of documents relating to to UFO reports filed over a 22 year period. As usual for a government release of UFO files the stated purpose is one of openness and full disclosure to the public, but unsurprisingly the files contain nothing of interest.

The files can be found here, and earlier releases here.

This tactic fits in will the overall strategies adopted by many major western governments in the last few years. These moves allow officials to maintain the appearance of validity which is meaningless to those of us who know the truth, and to those of them who know they are covering it up. What it does do is keep the large mass of population sitting on the fence frozen in inactivity, and dilute the efforts of the community of people pushing to expose behind UFO sightings and government collusion in keeping things hidden.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Disclosure Project - diluted access

Readers should already be familiar with the Disclosure Project. It was the coming together of government, military, and civilian organizations to build public pressure with the goal of disclosing UFO secrecy.

Mysteriously, despite a well organized approach and some initial support from mainstream media the project fizzled and nothing has come of it. Efforts since then from former members to speak out regarding what really happened have been completely buried.

This is a demonstration of the new technique of burying the truth through saturating the internet with irrelevant pages. It is a much more subtle approach than censoring or outright banning information, which in these times tends to attract a lot of media attention. Instead it ensures that the casual readers, who are the real battleground for controlling the truth, has to take extraordinary steps to locate the real information on sensitive topics.

A google search for 'The Disclosure Project" returns mainly results for the "Carbon Disclosure Project", and completely unrelated project focused on global warming.

This has the effect of ensuring that the opponents in the ongoing debate about climate change will swamp and overwhelm these links further burying any information about the real reasons the Disclosure Project failed, which we all know to be large scale collusion between secret government cabals and other unnamed powers. By doing this, the work of covering up the truth is done for them by unsuspecting special interest groups.

It isn't until 17 pages in that any information about the real Disclosure Project becomes available. When was the  last time that a middle-class house wife searched that deeply for something that may have just sparked a momentary interest?

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This blog is a manifestation of the growing resentment behind all the efforts that take place to obscure the truth from the eyes of the people who need to hear it.

There are vast networks of intelligentsia both human and otherwise shaping our world behind the scenes and sparing no efforts to keep the masses in the dark. To the traditional techniques of using cover-ups, discrediting  eye witnesses, and convenient 'accidents', have been added new tools unique to the internet age.

Governments, and mainstream media as the instruments of control bury us in triviality to keep our attention focus away from the threads of real information bravely put forward by individuals all over the world committed to seeing the truth heard.

We will only win this through the weight of numbers. There are more of us than there are of them! This blog will add its weight to the side of truth by:

  1. Centralizing information about  the powers who truly control our world
  2. Re-posting information from around the internet to make it more accessible to those seeking the truth
  3. Providing analysis and commentary to help educate the masses
  4. Link to other brave individuals with aims in support of our own