Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Disclosure Project - diluted access

Readers should already be familiar with the Disclosure Project. It was the coming together of government, military, and civilian organizations to build public pressure with the goal of disclosing UFO secrecy.

Mysteriously, despite a well organized approach and some initial support from mainstream media the project fizzled and nothing has come of it. Efforts since then from former members to speak out regarding what really happened have been completely buried.

This is a demonstration of the new technique of burying the truth through saturating the internet with irrelevant pages. It is a much more subtle approach than censoring or outright banning information, which in these times tends to attract a lot of media attention. Instead it ensures that the casual readers, who are the real battleground for controlling the truth, has to take extraordinary steps to locate the real information on sensitive topics.

A google search for 'The Disclosure Project" returns mainly results for the "Carbon Disclosure Project", and completely unrelated project focused on global warming.

This has the effect of ensuring that the opponents in the ongoing debate about climate change will swamp and overwhelm these links further burying any information about the real reasons the Disclosure Project failed, which we all know to be large scale collusion between secret government cabals and other unnamed powers. By doing this, the work of covering up the truth is done for them by unsuspecting special interest groups.

It isn't until 17 pages in that any information about the real Disclosure Project becomes available. When was the  last time that a middle-class house wife searched that deeply for something that may have just sparked a momentary interest?

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