Thursday, December 15, 2011

Misleading Resources - UK UFO Archives Released

Earlier this year the UK Ministry of Defense released over 9000 pages of documents relating to to UFO reports filed over a 22 year period. As usual for a government release of UFO files the stated purpose is one of openness and full disclosure to the public, but unsurprisingly the files contain nothing of interest.

The files can be found here, and earlier releases here.

This tactic fits in will the overall strategies adopted by many major western governments in the last few years. These moves allow officials to maintain the appearance of validity which is meaningless to those of us who know the truth, and to those of them who know they are covering it up. What it does do is keep the large mass of population sitting on the fence frozen in inactivity, and dilute the efforts of the community of people pushing to expose behind UFO sightings and government collusion in keeping things hidden.

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